Online Quranic Sciences Academy

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Quranic Sciences Academy started functioning in 2015 as an online organization for teaching the Quranic Education. It is the leading Quranic Sciences Academy for those who are involved in the Quran and Holy Education. We offer Quran learning services in the form of distance courses. We have an extensive syllabus for Islamic studies too. Online Quranic Sciences Academy is Our unique online learning tool which help in teaching every course. Our education method is a combination of both conventional and modern methods. We are innovative so we teach online and offer you the best learning practice. We offer learn Quran online the teaching services to the students residing in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, & all over the world under the supervision of deeply qualified and capable teachers.

Welcome to

Online Quranic Sciences Academy

About Us

Online Quranic Sciences Academy is an Online Quran Tutoring Academy, a leading and exclusive Online Quran Teaching & Home Quran learning Academy from Islamabad, Pakistan provides one to one Online Quran Classes Plus Basic Islamic Teachings to all individuals ranging from the age of 4 to 70.
Online Quranic Sciences Academy is a non-profitable organization. We are not part of any group, Islamic organization or Masjid. We welcome all students interested in Quran learning.
Established in 2015 by a team of Islamic Scholar, Quran Teachers and engineers, our initial aim was to form Qualified Quran Tutors team that can serve every type of person who wants to understand and read Quran with Translation at an affordable remuneration. With an uncompromising commitment to quality our team has produced international standard of Education.

Our Tutors


Our tutors are hardworking individuals of high caliber who know well how to keep on going easily with a student in a friendly environment to produce best results.


  • Hafiz-i-Quran (have memorized whole Qu’ran
  • Well aware of rules of Recitation.
  • University graduates in Islamic Studies.
  • Well trained to teach Quran, Arabic & Urdu online.
  • Have excellent command on English, Arabic and Urdu languages  to converse with their students and to deliver lectures.
  • Highly motivated and understand the complexities faced in this profession. They have an urge to go for the maximum results.

Training of Tutors


We train our tutors before allotting them students, as teaching online is a totally different technique as compare to conventional teaching. We keep on arranging different training programs/refresher courses for the tutors to keep them updated according to the need of time and to maintain the quality.

Our Vision

Quranic Sciences Academy developed as an international Quran reading online academy, which agenda is to deliver the best guidance of reading the Quran with the proper Quran rules. Quranic Sciences Academy Institute of the Quran reading online will provide you with different courses and levels to all the Muslims living in the world. We do not have any restrictions of age or gender; our purpose is to spread the genuine learn Quran reading facilities to our people who still can’t find a home-based permanent tutor for themselves. So, with the help of our English Quran reading capabilities, people can learn and understand the knowledge of Quran which Allah sent to us for our benefits.
Some of the main purposes behind our online Quran education are given below:

  • This is the perfect platform of free Quran education to those people who can’t find any possible facility of learning and practice Quran recitation in their areas.
  • Our professional and high qualified teachers will teach you with the proper and correct voicing of the Holy Quran recitation.
  • We use some unique and easiest practical methods to make the learning recitation of the Holy Quran easier for people.

Our Mission

Quranic Sciences Academy is Quran learning center, we know the importance of the Holy Quran, and we also know how important it is for Muslims to learn and practices the Quran with the help of our learning Quran online.

  • We offer the system of Skype Quran Classes.
  • We also have a separate Online Quran Classes for Kids so that they can learn faster within a convenient environment.
  • With our online platform, people will be able to Learn Quran Word By Word.
  • We made Online Quran Learning easier and more effective for the people in the world.
  • We offer people to give their best in a manner to Learn to Read Quran with proper Tajweed methods.

Why Choose Us?

One-on-One Classes

At Online Quranic Sciences Academy there is a single teacher giving Quran lessons to a single student thus ensuring devoted attention for better learning.

Flexible Timings

The classes timings at Online Quranic Sciences Academy are extremely flexible and the students can schedule the classes according to their convenience.

Interactive Classes

With all the video streaming, whiteboard, screen sharing, software use, and multi-way audio, Online Quranic Sciences Academy ensures that the Quran learning process is as interactive as possible.

Multilingual Teachers

The Quran tutors at Online Quranic Sciences Academy have a good grasp over English, Arabic and Urdu thus enabling them to communicate effectively when taking classes.

Device Convenience

At Online Quranic Sciences Academy now you can take the Quran learning lessons on PC, tablet or any android device, thus making it easy for you to learn Quran anywhere anytime.

Best & Reliable

We are the best and reliable source in this online world from where people can able to Learn Quran for Kids & Adults and able to practice more under confidential plus qualified teachers.